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Dowrick, P. W. (1991). Practical guide to using video in the behavioral sciences. New York: Wiley.

This book focuses on the many different ways that video can be used in learning and training, including the use of video in effecting behavioral and therapeutic change. It comprehensively covers how video can be used in the behavioral sciences and presents a rich and diverse source of ideas for readers interested in the possibilities video use has to offer.

Herrell, A. L., & Fowler, J. P. (1998). Camcorder in the classroom: Using the videocamera to enliven curriculum. Columbus, OH: Prentice Hall.

This book demonstrates ways in which the camcorder and VCR can be used in elementary, middle and high schools, as well as in college, to teach and motivate students and assess their progress. It examines interesting and resourceful ideas for camcorder applications in a variety of classroom environments, as well as for schoolwide and long-term projects.

Self modeling

Dowrick, P. W. (1999). A review of self-modeling and related interventions. Applied and Preventive Psychology, 8, 23-39.

This article examines the use of self-modeling and reviews an array of successful interventions that have been attributed to this approach. It gives a comprehensive review of the possibilities that exist for using self modeling in effective training and therapeutic applications along with supplying the readers with an insight into the fundamentals of self modeling interventions.

Reading Instruction

Miller, W.H. (1993). Complete reading disabilities handbook: Ready-to-use techniques for teaching reading disabled students. West Nyack, NY: Center for Applied Research in Education.

This handbook examines major causes of reading disabilities, general guidelines and materials for diagnosing reading disabilities, and delivers comprehensive strategies and activities for teaching and correcting reading disabilities. It contains over 140 pages of reproducible assessment devices and activity worksheets.

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